This month's releases:

We’re proud to release and present the 30 years anniversary album of South America’s longest going skinhead band. The album features some of their old classics re-recorded in a good studio and more powerful sounding than ever, plus some covers of classic Argentinean streetpunk tracks and a few great new songs. It comes with a big booklet with lyrics, explanations to the songs and dozens of photos spanning the band’s history from the start till now.

LION’S PRIDE “Vlaanderen” – MCD & DVD

9 years after their debut album, Lion’s Pride release this MCD and DVD combo, a concept album dedicated to their beloved homeland / home region Flanders. From patriotic rock with folk influences to a few faster, more metal-sounding tracks, and a traditional version of the Flemish anthem sung by a choir. The DVD features 2 videos, 2 songs recorded live in Lithuania, Youtube-style slideshow clips and a photo gallery. Comes with extremely nice artwork, and a booklet with all lyrics and an explanation to the songs and background info on the album.


New skinhead band from the city of Brno in the Czech Republic. They play in that typical Czech style, like for example Operace Artaban, however with a bit more guitars, power and aggression. Great catchy songs.



BRONSON “s/t” – CD

New Roman band who somewhat remind of The Timebombs who were from the same city. Bronson brings an excellent mix of punk and hardcore with a lot of melody and singalong choruses. A very American-influenced sound, extremely catchy. All songs are nothing but excellent, apart maybe from the weird short electronic intermezzo.


BRUTAL COMBAT “RAC legends vol.1″ – LP

Not really a band that needs much of an introduction. Features an old remastered demo of the band with versions of the songs that were never be released on vinyl before. The sound quality is rather poor, the remastering could have been done a lot better. It’s a collectible record of course, because of its limited edition of 300 numbered copies, but one can question the added value of releases like this….

CODE 1 “Beat the burglar” – 7″ single

Fast and aggressive punk-fueled Oi! which reminds immediately of early The Exploited, with the title track being a take on “Beat the bastards”. Altogether it is pretty basic Oi/ punk, reminiscent of the early 80′s. Limited edition of 500 copies: 150 red, 150 white & 200 black.