This month's releases:
BOOTBOYS “Enfant de la crise” LP + CD

Old-timers amongst you will remember them from an interview in one of the very first issues of the Pure Impact fanzine in 1984. The band never released anything on vinyl or so, they only recorded 2 demos in 1984 and these are collected on this LP and CD. There’s a total of 10 songs on “Enfant de la crise” of which most are raw recordings, but despite the demo sound, the quality and youthful spontaneity of the songs seeps through. Only the 2 live tracks are only so so, and good for reasons of completeness. Boot Boys were a very young band at the time, and covered all classic skinhead topics. French history!

CLOSE SHAVE “Bad reputation” CD

Close Shave’s comeback album and it’s become a real good one. Hard and heavy rock, no pure Oi!, compare it stylewise to the Anti-Nowhere League. Fluff’s vocals are real gruff, but it all sounds as solid and genuine as it gets. One of the best British skinhead albums in a while, and one that doesn’t follow the current über-PC trend. Comes with booklet with lyrics and whatsnot.

COMBATE 49 “Rock ‘n’ roll Oi!” CD

Debut album of these thugs from New Jersey. Hard and rough skinhead rock, unpolished and true to the bone. Their lyrics cover classic skinhead topics, such as patriotism, anti-communism, streetfights, boozing etc… Non compromising, they sing what they are about and put it into word and action. 2 songs are in Spanish. Comes in a cardboard sleeve, self-released by the band, and available at a really nice price.

EMERGENCY “Media control” 7″

This is an ultra-limited release (300 copies only) that features 2 of the 3 songs from the very first demo recording from 2000 of this incredible Canadian Oi! band that features lead singer Fergus of the legendary 80′s Scottish skinhead band The Strike, and the band’s sound is very 80′s too. Other members of Emergency previously played in Subway Thugs and went on to be part of bands such as Alternate Action and Sydney Ducks. Don’t miss out on this single which is sure to be a collector’s item.

HARD EVIDENCE “Last one standing” CD

New band from St. Louis, Mo, that has only been around for a year, but they blow away many a band. All 8 tracks on this release are a high quality mixture of American streetpunk and British Oi! and sound fantastic! There’s room for tons of melody, great guitar riffs and catchy sing-a-longs which make “Last one standing” a record that can easily be loved by fans of bands such as The Brassknuckle Boys, The Crack, Cock Sparrer or Bishops Green. One of the best US debut releases ever. Hand-numbered to 300 copies in a double folded digipack.

LION’S LAW “Lafayette” 7″

Lion’s Law from Paris are hailed as one of the best new Oi! bands of the moment. They play very English sounding Oi!, similar to a lot of the more melodic classic bands. If not mistaken the band features former members of Maraboots and an ex-Komintern Sect. Musically perfect but the French accent is quite prevalent. Limited edition bronze vinyl with black splatters.